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Steve Powell's Power Hammers

Steve Powell is a newcomer to the metal shaping field, yet not a newcomer to fabrication and welding. He is a metal fabrication and welding instructor at the Genesee Area Skill Center, operated by the Flint, Michigan School system, being the very first Vocational School in Michigan. In 2005 Steve participated in my 35-hour metal shaping seminar in Massachusetts to add the knowledge of compound curves to his already established skill set. Upon leaving my seminar, drawing on his already established fabrication skills, Steve Powell built two power hammers on his own: a hammer based on the smaller Yoder power hammer and another based on the Pettingell hammer. These are all fabricated in steel plate. Steve performed nearly all the tasks himself. He now offers either hammer for sale to the public. I feel these are quality products that give a metal shaper another option in purchasing a machine that will come close to reproducing what the old “well-tested” cast machines provided in the past. During the time Steve Powell was building these hammers, I have stayed in contact with him, advising him based on my past experience in using the old cast hammers when he has sought it. I am not a dealer nor am I representing his product in any way; what I am doing is showing his product on my web site to give a metal shaper looking to get into a hammer another option. You can contact Steve Powell directly, without me being in the conversation at all, or if you wish, you can also direct questions to me. Either way, I am hoping this will be a positive resource to the metal shaping trade.

For more info go to powellhammer.com


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