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Fay's Best Metal Award - Autorama 2015


Best Metal 2013

Fay Butler - Best Metal at Autorama 2015 went to Bob Cranston from Binbrook, Ontario, Canada for his 1934 Chrysler Airflow with a 1958 392 Hemi. I met Bob in 2007 when he stopped by my booth at the fall Hershey, PA swap meet, introduced himself and talked about his dream of building this car. In subsequent years he would stop and show progress. It started when he purchased the body shell “hanging from a tree.” Bob did all the work himself, the extensive body repair with new shaped panels where necessary, new made stainless moldings, he made the chassie and suspension, and figured out the interior, the list is long. It is remarkable as to the depth of this project by one person and the quality of work, fit and finish…it was a pleasure to honor Bob Cranston by presenting him my “Fay Butler Best Metal Award.”

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Fay Butler - Best Metal - 2009: Jim Cicciarelli for his Extreme car.

Fay Butler - Best Metal - 2007: Jason Grimes of Grimes Garage, Louisville, KY

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